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Residents seek relief from flooding

Town and village of Lancaster residents appealed to the Village Board on Monday for help in relieving intermittent flooding problems that plague areas of the town.

Kennedy Court residents Toni Addeo and Tim Szablewski live in the town outside the village but said they, too, are inconvenienced by the flooding and a sewage system that can't handle the overflow.

"We just wanted to let you know that it's not just a village problem," said Addeo.

Both she and Szablewski shared with village trustees the problems they and other neighbors have endured with raw sewage backing up into the basements and having to temporarily vacate their homes until the problem could be resolved.

"You're stuck with a house you can't live in, " said Addeo. "If it was just water, you could live with it, but it's sewage."

Mayor William Cansdale said the village is powerless to directly assist those residing outside the village, but the mayor said he has been consulting with Lancaster Town Supervisor Robert Giza to address the townwide problem.

Village Trustee Edward Marki suggested that the town may be outgrowing its infrastructure.

"The more that we hear about these types of things, the more we can get a handle on it. The fact that Lancaster has been the fastest growing community in Western New York over the last eight years is wonderful, but, you know what, it comes with some responsibilities," said Marki.

The village's economic development director, Jeffery Stribing, appeared to agree.

"It's only because of the village's Sewer District 4 that [the town was allowed] to have sewers back in the '60s," Stribing said.

"And now it seems as though that privilege is not being lived up to, because they're not taking care of the sewers in the township, as it should be," he added.

Village Department of Public Works Superintendent Mark Gee said the village is seeking to address that part of the flood problem that is within the village's jurisdiction.

"And we're still trying negotiate the work with the town to alleviate the total problem instead of just putting a Band-Aid on it," Gee said.

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