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All-WNY 1990s team: How'd we do?

Here is News Sports Reporter Allen Wilson's all-1990s team, which consists of the best first-teamers of that era (1990-1991 to 1998-1999). His story is in Saturday's paper.

Check this previous post for a complete list of the first-teamers from the 1990s, as well as some readers' comments about who should be on the team.

Here's our post on our All-2000s team.  Also take a look at posts discussing earlier eras (1960s, 1970s1980s) as well as who should make the all-time All-WNY team.

The years listed are the seasons that the player made first team. 

First team
Tim Winn, G, LaSalle 93-94, 94-95, 95-96
Jason Rowe, G, Traditional 93-94, 94-95, 95-96
Mike Heary, F/G, Fredonia 92-93, 93-94
Leonard Stokes, F/G, Turner-Carroll 98-99
Eric Eberz, F, St. Joe's 90-91, 91-92

Second team
Carlos Bradberry, G, LaSalle 91-92, 92-93
Malik Campbell, G, Turner-Carroll
Modie Cox, G, LaSalle 90-91
Damien Foster, G, Traditional 94-95, 95-96
Maceo Wofford, G, Jamestown 97-98, 98-99

Third team
Damone Brown, F, Seneca 96-97
Willie Cauley, F, Niagara Falls 90-91
Darren Fenn, C, Canisius 96-97
Damone James, G, Turner-Carroll 90-91
Jeff Muszynski, G, St. Joe's 92-93

Fourth team
Carlos Davis, F, LaSalle 96-97
Brian Dux, G, Orchard Park 97-98
Bob Fitzgibbons, F, Nichols 91-92
Gary Raimondo, G, St. Joe's 94-95
Mark Price, G, Riverside 97-98

Let us know what you think -- the comments section is below.

---Keith McShea

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