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Thinking four years ahead

   ERIE, Pa. … Palin '012.

   No, that was not a typo. That was what was on the minds of some of the 6,000 or so people who jammed the convention center here Thursday to hear Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin deliver the same sort of show that's made her a star on the stump in this year's campaign.

   Pundits are, well, stumped at why she's such a star, but if you saw her, you'd understand. She rips into Democrats and touts the GOP's small-government philosophy with a folksy eloquence that contrasts totally with those cringefest interviews she did with Charles Gibson and Katie Couric.

   Those interviews have left some pundits thinking Palin is the Dan Quayle of 2008, but if you ask her fans, they'd say no, she's the Republican Barack Obama of 2012.

   This is America, where presidential campaigns never really begin or end, so it's not to early to ask: Who's the best Republican choice for 2012?

   … Jerry Zremski

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