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Memory lane

The dilapidated factories and grain silos of the Rust Belt, morbidly fascinating and otherworldly as they seem today, must have been infinitely more thrilling before oxidation set in. On a trip through the industrial centers of early 20th century America, the architect Le Corbusier marveled at the monolithic structures and hailed them as symbols of modernism's unassailed triumph.

But since the architect's death in 1965, the unsullied modernism he espoused -- like the buildings that so impressed him on his trip through the Rust Belt -- has become an anachronism. That's the backdrop for an exhibition of silkscreens by Jesse Webber, opening at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center (341 Delaware Ave.) Saturday. Hallwalls will also present the sculpture/video work of Kara Tanaka, whose piece "Pinting Wind (Fragmented on the Night Sea of Eternity)" is a kind of intergalactic rendition of the Japanese Noh drama "Matsuzake."

Both shows open with a reception and artist talks in the Hallwalls cinema starting at 8 p.m. Saturday and run through Dec. 20. For more information, call 854-1694 or visit

-- Colin Dabkowski

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