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Ful-Philled at last

PHILADELPHIA -- It's been a long time in these parts, 25 years for the city and 28 for the Phillies. But the 4-3 win Wednesday over Tampa Bay finally clinched a World Series for Philadelphia. It was, as MVP Cole Hamels put it, "the most unique game in baseball history." OK, there might be some exaggeration there but he at least can make a case!

For 3 1/2-inning drama, this was pretty riveting. The Phils scored in the 6th, the Rays tied it in the 7th and the Phils went ahead in the bottom of the seventh. J.C. Romero shut the door in the 8th and Brad Lidge saved it yet again in the 9th. Gee, think baseball might notice how nice it is for its deciding game to end at 10 p.m. instead of 1 a.m?

The Phils didn't hit much in this series (.201 in RSP situations for one thing) but they had the better starters and better bullpen. The Rays did not play well and looked oddly like the team that came into the series on a long rest, which is what the Phillies did.

So what did you think of the 3 1/2-inning game. Pretty dramatic? Pretty silly? I know you Mets fans out there aren't real happy but give it up to the Phils in the comments section.

---Mike Harrington

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