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Chaos in Philly

PHILADELPHIA -- The Phillies will be saluted down Broad Street with a ticker-tape parade on Friday, followed by a rally at Citizens Bank Park. And adjacent Lincoln Financial Field will be philled for the Phils as well. More than 100,000 free tickets to the two stadiums were snapped up Thursday in 90 minutes.

Here's hoping the Philly police do a better job keeping order than they did Wednesday night. What I saw in downtown Philly after Game Five was absolutely disgraceful. Cabs couldn't get near The Bank due to drunken mobs. I found one at a nearby hotel and he could get no closer than three blocks away from my hotel because of the crush of people, leaving me no choice but to hoof it. Broken glass was everywhere underfoot.

I saw bonfires, cars tipped over. Street planters, newspaper boxes and bus shelters tipped over. Store windows broken everywhere. As I was walking by an FYE video store, the windows were smashed and broke further just as I was moving by. A female officer came at me, billy club in hand, yelling "DID YOU JUST COME OUT OF THAT WINDOW? DID YOU JUST COME OUT OF THAT WINDOW?"

Let's just say a World Series press pass never came in so handy. I've never seen anything like that in my 10+ years of covering the Series. Yes, it's been a long time for Phillyfan. That's no excuse. From my 21st-floor room, you could hear sirens, screaming people, firecrackers and helicopters overhead for most of the night.

If the Phillies win another World Series soon (not a ridiculous thought), I hope they win it on the road. Wonder what kind of chaos there will be today.

---Mike Harrington

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