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Happy Diwali


Happy Diwali, everyone.

When Allison and I traveled to India last spring, we became very
fond of the many friendly people we met there. Today begins Diwali,
India's Festival of Light. It is the country's biggest holiday, as important to Hindus as Christmas is to Christians.

Western New York residents with ties to India will no doubt be celebrating today. I plan to do my part by getting some Chicken Kadai from one of our area's fine Indian restaurants.

According to National Geographic Kids:

celebrate with family gatherings, glittering clay lamps, festive
fireworks, strings of electric lights, bonfires, flowers, sharing of
sweets, and worship to Lakshmi. Some believe that Lakshmi wanders the
Earth looking for homes where she will be welcomed. People open their
doors and windows and light lamps to invite Lakshmi in.




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