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Wait Until ... Toronto

It happened more than once in the Bills' locker room after the loss in Miami on Sunday. A player or reporter would make a reference to the return matchup in Buffalo, forgetting that the Dec. 7 game will be played at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. I made the mistake when I was chatting with Lee Evans and he corrected me. The reality of the situation is finally hitting home -- a big home game against the Dolphins, with possible playoff implications, and it's not being played in Buffalo.

This has to be difficult for Bills fans to swallow. I know there's a school of thought that says playing games in Canada could be vital to the team's survival in Buffalo. I don't buy it, but that's not the point here. The point is that Bills players -- Donte Whitner, in particular -- were talking about a rematch and the possibility of getting a little payback against the Dolphins after they took advantage of Terrence McGee. That gives the next meeting the certain edge that makes rivalries special. It's the type of game that should be played in Ralph Wilson Stadium, where the Bills have a big home advantage and would benefit from a wild, somewhat hostile crowd with a clear recollection of what happened Sunday in Dolphins Stadium.

Instead, the rematch will be played indoors in front of a largely Canadian crowd. It's pretty sad. Funny, Ralph Wilson argued to keep the Bills in the same division with Miami because of the great rivalry. Taking a game like this to Toronto defeats the whole notion of a sustained rivalry worth preserving. What do you think? Does Sunday's game bring home the disappointment of playing a game against Miami at a neutral site?

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