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Niagara Honor Roll / State Fair winners

Niagara County 4-H members showed off their talent this year at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, capturing prizes in all areas and proving the county's 4-H youth to be a well-rounded batch of intelligence and skill.

The 2008 Livestock Skillathon Contest at the fair was held Aug. 25, with 41 participants from nine counties across New York State. Matthew Sweeney took sixth place as a second alternate for the Senior 4-H Livestock Skillathon Team. Senior Individual winners were Hannah McGee, seventh place; Nick Failla, 16th place; Robbie Librock, 17th place; and Alyssa Townsend, 24th.

Junior Individual winners for the Skillathon contest were Courtney Luckman, fifth place; Mitchell Luckman, 10th place; Elizabeth Luckman, 13th place; and Bree Luckman, 14th.

Niagara and Allegany counties teamed up and took first place overall in the Senior Team ranking of the contest. Niagara County placed second in the Junior Team level.

Among the top 10 senior individuals of the contest, McGee placed ninth. Courtney Luckman took second, and Bree Luckman took sixth as the top 10 junior individuals.

Niagara County came in at fifth place among the top five high scoring senior teams. As for the top five high scoring teams in the Junior Division, Niagara County came in second.

In the Special/Unique Exhibits section, Kelsie Erck received a blue ribbon (second highest ribbon) for her power point presentation; Sandra Popielarz got a red ribbon (third highest ribbon) for her scrap book; and Eric Applegate with a purple rosette (the highest ribbon) for the Evergreen's 4-H Club Maple Syrup display.

For Communications and Expressive Arts, Alex Cloy received a red ribbon for his book of poems, and Kate Light won a blue ribbon for scrawl.

In Consumer and Family Science, Samuel Mansfield won a red ribbon for his lawn chair; Alex Cloy got a red for his table setting; Cheyenne Wagner got a red for cross stitch; Lee Clapsadle, blue for his sculpture; Andrea Scirto, purple rosette for oil painting of a rabbit, along with a blue ribbon for her other oil painting; Samantha Biniecki, blue for her ceramic dragon; Joshua Groff, blue for his tie-dye shirt; Marie Erck, blue for her jewelry and a blue for her nature candle holder; Olivia Spitzer, blue for note cards exhibit; Cassie Travers, blue for her necklace and earrings; Alex Cloy, purple rosette for his book; Beth Travers, blue for jeopardy; Cheyenne Wagner, blue for her elastic waist pants; Samantha Biniecki, blue for her black dress; Dana Daigler, blue for sleeveless top; Brianne Hain, red for robe and gown; Beth Travers, purple rosette for her skirt and a blue for her sun dress; Cassie Travers, red for her fancy dress and a purple rosette for her three piece pajama set; Sam Mansfield, blue for his jogging suit; and Sandra Popielarz, blue for her purchased dress.

Zachary Alt won a blue ribbon for his pumpkin cookies; Beth and Cassie Travers both won reds for their cookies; Lucy Thompson, blue for her baking powder biscuits; Sierra Halstead, red for her banana bread; Cassie Travers, blue for bread; Cheyenne Wagner, red for turtle bread; Beth Travers, blue for cinnamon roll; Zachary Alt, three blues for three different homemade jams; Cheyenne Wagner, blue for pear jam; Kayla Clark, red for macaroons; Christopher Sweeney, blue for his educational poster and a red for his peanut butter swirl; Matthew Sweeney, two blues for his poster and recipe in a jar; Cassie Travers, blue for her pound cake; and Cheyenne Wagner, blue for her fudge.

In Visual Arts, photography blue ribbons winners were James Clark, Kate Light, Kelsie Erck, and Sara Dannebrock. For horticulture, blue ribbon flower winners were Lee Clapsadle, Josh Randall, Rob Reed, Sandra Popielarz and Alex Cloy. Red ribbon winners were Josh Randall and Rob Reed. Randall also received a red ribbon for his green beans and a white ribbon for his rhubarb.

In Environmental Education, Hunter Cummings, Sam Mansfield and Gwen Schuler received red ribbons for their exhibits, and Cassie Travers received a blue for her recycled blanket.

In Entomology, blue ribbons were awarded to Nathan Lefort and Mansfield. Biniecki received a red for her bug exhibit.

In the Science, Technology & Engineering Section, Marie Erck won a blue ribbon for her wooden spatula and Joshua Groff with a blue for his electric project.

During the fair beef open show, Robbie Librock received first with his junior bull calf, first with his March yearling bull, fourth in the cow/calf class, first in Early Senior Yearling Heifer and first in Late Summer Yearling Heifer. Elizabeth Luckman won third in Cow/Calf, first in Junior Bull Calf, and third in Junior Yearling Heifer.

The beef show also included the 4-H beef in its rotation: Nick Failla, first in Medium Weight Steer, won "best" in record interview and eighth in showmanship. Elizabeth Luckman won sixth in showmanship, third in Junior Yearling Heifer, first in Cow/Calf, and second in Bull Calf. Librock won fifth in showmanship, first in Summer Yearling Heifer, first in Senior Yearling Heifer, Reserve Champion Heifer, Reserve Champion cow/calf, Champion Bull Calf, Champion Heavy Weight Steer and Reserve Champion overall steer.

In the Junior Angus Show, Elizabeth Luckman won Champion Cow/Calf, Champion Bull Calf, first Junior Yearling Heifer and third in Showmanship. Robbie Librock won Reserve for Cow/Calf class, second for bull calf, first in Senior Yearling Heifer, first in Summer Yearling Heifer, first in March Yearling Bull and second in Showmanship.

For more information about 4-H, call Kim Mansfield at 433-8839, Ext. 231.

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