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Drilling for votes in Pennsylvania

   PITTSBURGH -- John McCain must see Pennsylvania as the keystone to victory, given how much time and money he's spending here.

   He spent a full day here last week and brought in his running mate for good measure, and in early October, he spent more on ads in Pennsylvania than he did anywhere but in the ultimate swing state of Ohio.

   And everywhere McCain goes in Pennsylvania, he talks about offshore oil drilling -- and the crowd responds by shouting: "Drill, baby, drill!"

   Yet the polls project him losing Pennsylvania by 11 points to Barack Obama. And the juxtaposition of those polls and McCain's focus on Pennsylvania poses two important questions:

   How much good, really, can a focus on offshore drilling do for McCain's campaign?

   And why is McCain spending so much time and money in a state where he's so far behind?

-- Jerry Zremski

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