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How will rookie senator take on the party bosses?

I don't understand Tom Golisano. He says that he wants to fix a dysfunctional Legislature and then he supports Democrats for the State Senate. As Kevin Hardwick has been saying on his WBEN program, and as The News has noted, control of the Senate by Democrats would be catastrophic for everyone west of the Hudson River. But instead of stressing this, Republicans keep blabbing: I'll cut taxes, they're too liberal, I'll bring jobs upstate, blah, blah, blah. Nobody pays attention to that stuff. Did anybody really believe Hillary Clinton's promise about jobs? Senate Republicans deserve to lose, especially after electing another downstater as their leader, but the alternative is total downstate domination.

Joe Mesi seems like a nice guy, but how is a rookie senator from upstate going to take on Sheldon Silver and the New York City bosses? And if his five-point plan is so good, why can't it be introduced even if he isn't elected? But at least he's telling us what they are. Most politicians promise great ideas that they will unveil once they take office but these either disappear after they're elected or are selfishly taken to their graves if they lose.

Dominic J. Verso



Approve amendment to assist our veterans

On Election Day, there will be an amendment to Article 5, Section 6 of the Constitution of New York State in relation to additional civil service credit for members of the U.S. armed forces.

The proposed amendment would eliminate the requirement that veterans who were disabled in the actual performance of duty in any war be receiving disability payments from the Veterans Administration in order to qualify for additional points on a civil service examination for appointment or promotion.

Under the proposed amendment, the disability must only be certified to exist by Veterans Affairs. It would also update "United States Veterans Administration" to "United States Department of Veterans Affairs" to reflect current federal government structure.

The American Legion, Department of New York, strongly supports this amendment and urges voters to vote yes on this much needed benefit for our veterans.

Richard M. Pedro

New York State Adjutant, American Legion, Department of New York


Candidates could use a lesson in economics

There's a common theme among candidates for state offices: reduce taxes, create jobs and cut wasteful spending in Albany. We need them to understand that if they accomplish just the first of these, the others will follow automatically.

James G. Frase



Don't increase taxes while raising salaries

"Everyone will hurt a little." How can you hurt with an $11,000 or $21,000 raise? The county executive can sit and try to explain reasons for them, but the taxpayers paying these salaries are being laid off, even losing their jobs, while the price of gas, heating oil, food, etc., continues to rise. Sales taxes were depended on to "balance the budget," a fluctuating source of revenue. You were warned about that practice, Mr. Collins.

William Barrier



Protect open space in Town of Aurora

On Nov. 4, residents in the Town of Aurora will have the opportunity to vote on the Aurora Open Space Plan. This plan aims to permanently preserve 1,500 acres of open space at a cost to the average taxpayer of about $33 per year over 20 years. We urge Aurorans to vote yes on this proactive plan that will strengthen property values and maintain the quality of life that makes Aurora a destination.

Some will say, "There is no imminent threat of development in Aurora," but should we wait until outside developers arrive with a plan that threatens our community and then hastily cobble together a response? Why not protect the best of our land now, while property values remain reasonable? Others will say that this plan is a needless burden on taxpayers, but development typically also costs taxpayers in the form of services and infrastructure -- roads, bridges, water, sewer, police and schools. If both development and open space protection cost taxpayers money, we need to ask ourselves, which is the wiser investment? For details, visit

Libby Weberg & Nancy Smith

Western New York Land Conservancy

East Aurora


Examine both sides before making decision

An informed citizen makes wise choices and that is why we attended the West Seneca Town Board meeting on Oct. 20. We wanted to hear more about the downsizing of our board and if absentee ballots would be available for a special election. It was a very informative evening for us, so you can imagine our chagrin when we read the Oct. 21 News article -- one sided to say the least.

We noticed that when the persons who are for downsizing finished speaking, the news media left the meeting. They had the sensationalism they needed for the 11 o'clock news. Had they stayed they could have heard attorney Tim Greenan present the case for the opposing side, just how much a three-member board could end up costing the citizens in dollars. He presented very informative research, you had something to think about. Others also spoke on why they oppose the issue. Smaller government is an issue we all have to think about, but we need to know both sides of the story before we can make good decisions.

James and Jeannette Pettibone

West Seneca


Stance on abortion disqualifies Obama

I was horrified when I learned that in Illinois abortion clinics, when an abortion didn't take and the baby was born alive, the baby could be left to die because under Roe v. Wade, there was opposition to the idea that a baby that survives an intended abortion should be considered a baby at all. A bill went before the State Senate to protect babies who survived an abortion attempt. Barack Obama voted to not protect these babies. He does not want to extend legal personhood to those targeted for abortion. Even liberals have to be horrified at the fact that he has so little regard for human life.

I talk to many Democrats who know that Obama is too far left and unqualified to be president. I can understand if liberals don't want to vote for John McCain, but if they care at all about morality, they have other choices. They can vote independent, or for the Libertarian candidate or make a statement by not voting at all. A vote for Obama is a vote for infanticide.

Martin J. Dziwulski


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