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Walking the walk

There's a great post on the Free Range Kids blog titled "We are we chauffering our kids to the bus stop?"

Writer Lenore Skenazy's point is that kids should not only walk home from the bus stop -- or even from school! -- for their physical health, but for the psychological benefits of becoming self-sufficient human beings. Skenazy writes:

When parents pick their kids up from the bus stop, those kids are left to assume it is wrong for them to even consider
walking home. It must be too hard, too dangerous, too strenuous – too
impossible for someone their age.

Message from parents: You’re a
wonderful, amazing, precious person! But you’re not up to a two block walk.

I couldn't agree more. Unless you're living in a war zone, your kids can probably handle the walk home from the bus stop.

I'll mention this to the other parents I see at Tim Horton's today, buying the kids' after-school snacks before picking them up from school.


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