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Funds shifted for pump stations

The Town Board on Wednesday appropriated $250,000 from its sewer surplus to pay for rehabilitation of three sewer pump stations -- on Robinson and Strauss roads and Kimberly Drive.

Town Engineer Robert D. Klavoon said the inspection of sewer lines by a remote-control television camera is complete, and he will be reporting to the board shortly about which lines need to be repaired in 2009.

Klavoon said he will report to the board next month on the findings of a water leak detection survey that is nearly complete.

On another matter, Supervisor Marc R. Smith said the town needs to add $20,000 to its proposed 2009 budget because of rising road salt costs. The amendment will bring the salt allocation to $185,000.

Smith said the salt price in 2009 will be $41.40 per ton.

"I know some of the municipalities around us are looking at using more sand, but they don't have the number of subdivisions we do," Smith said. He said the results obtained by mixing sand and salt "are not optimal."

Councilman Paul H. Pettit said sand tends to plug sewers when it is washed off the roads by rain or snowmelt.

Pettit also said the town is working on new design rules for sewer connections for new construction. It would avoid the failures of sewer vents sticking out of lawns that lead to leakage of rain and snowmelt into sanitary sewers, something environmental agencies deplore.

Pettit said there are about 3,000 parcels in the town that still have that style of sewer connection.

The new rules are being reviewed by Town Attorney Daniel E. Seaman.

Pettit said, "The faster we can get this done, the better off we're going to be long-term."


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