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Channel 7's Big Tease

Call it Channel 7's Big Tease. On the station's 11 p.m. newscast Wednesday, co-anchors Joanna Pasceri and Keith Radford announced a "big change" is coming Monday.

"The thing is it is a surprise," said Pasceri, "so top secret they won't even tell us all about it. "

She added that she didn't know what it was and asked Radford if he did.

"We don't even know folks," said Radford. "Things are going to be very different around here. Hopefully, we'll still be here."

That line was made jokingly. Radford concluded the exchange by saying "everyone is going to be talking about" the big change after it is revealed on Monday.

Normally, newcasts tease stories that are coming up in five minutes or less, not five days.

Perhaps coincidentally, the Big Tease aired the same day my column reported about the speculation heard by staffers that Channel 7 is considering returning to the Eyewitness News format.

Before I ran that item, I called Channel 7's news director, Glen Horn, for a response. He said he would pass the request along to Channel 7 Bill Ransom. Ransom, who hasn't returned calls for weeks, didn't call.

Like Pasceri and Radford, I don't know what the Big Tease is about. If it isn't about the return of the Eyewitness News theme and format, it is hard to imagine anything else that would get Western New Yorkers talking as much. But, hey, as the lottery ad says, you never know.

-- Alan Pergament   

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