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Looking up at the sky

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Look up at the roof in Tropicana Field and it's a bizarre sight. This system of catwalks was never expected to come into play when the place was built. It was thought they were too high and unreachable. Nope.

Now there are specific ground rules for what are dubbed Catwalks A, B, C and D. A and B are in the outfield and are home runs. C and D are the highest ones that go to the roof's apex 194 feet above the field. You could see them come into play -- literally.

A ricochet is a live ball and can be caught for an out!! If a ball goes up and doesn't come down, it's a double (I'm not making this up). If it hits C or D in foul territory, it's dead and can't be caught.

I put together this rudimentary little video after workouts yesterday so you can get a better view than what we've seen so far on TV.

Pretty wild looking.

---Mike Harrington

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