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Who will fix Amherst hazard?

A half-covered catch basin in the Town of Amherst has caught the eye of drivers who say it is a hazard that has gone on too long.

"This basin was disassembled sometime late in the summer of 2007," one reader, who asked to remain anonymous, said in an e-mail to Fix It. Located at the intersection of Smith and Dann roads in North Amherst, the opening is partly covered by plywood and a couple of wood barriers.

He also noted that the condition of the basin "creates a bit of a turning obstacle when traveling northwest on Smith and turning right onto Dann.

"Several times last winter, snowplows apparently pushed the barricades aside and left this opening exposed to vehicles, people and animals," he said.

Since the intersection is within the Town of Amherst, we contacted the town Highway Department and were told that the basin was on a county road and that complaints about the problem have been forwarded to Erie County in the past.

But Erie County Public Works Commissioner Gerard J. Sentz said that until he has the site checked out, he couldn't say for sure if it was the county's responsibility.

"Without looking at it, I can't say," he said Friday.

Sentz said he will have someone check on it early this week, and if it is a county problem he will have it fixed.

"We rebuild these things all the time," he said.


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