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TBS outage is joke

Technical difficulties on TBS are preventing the telecast of Game Six of the ALCS. You've got to be kidding me. Bad enough I'm teetering with plane tickets to Tampa for the World Series. Now I can't even see the game?

What is this? Time Warner showing a grainy picture with wrong-score graphics of a UB or high school football game? I don't care what the reason is (the latest is a power outage at the broadcast facility in Atlanta). It's unconscionable. MLB should be dropping TBS' horrible coverage like a bad habit and these games should all be on FOX or ESPN. Think the NFL would tolerate this? What a joke.

UPDATE: TBS figured things out in the bottom of the first and got back on the air. Guess they found enough aluminum foil for their rabbit ears. Embarrassing.

---Mike Harrington

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