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>You're a guy from Alabama who went to Auburn, and now as a pro you've played in Minnesota and Buffalo. You've grown to like the cold?

I had a great time in Minnesota. When I got up there it was one of the first times I had seen snow. I had to get adjusted to driving in the snow. But I had a great time there and made good friends. When I signed here, my mom was telling me that I just can't get away from the cold.

>Fishing is one of your hobbies? What's one of your good fish stories?

Where I'm from in Alabama, we catch a lot of catfish. One time my little cousin and I caught about three five-gallon bucketfuls of catfish. We had a good day that day. When I was in college, I caught a nice-sized bass, about 4- 1/2 or five pounds. That's as big as I've ever caught. In Minnesota, me, Keneche (Udeze) and some of the guys would go out on Lake Minnetonka. I kind of adopted his boat on off days.

>Did you know Lake Erie has world class smallmouth bass and walleye fishing?

No. Eventually I'm going to get out there. Me and Marshawn [Lynch], his uncle and a couple other guys went off on a little runoff from a wildlife preserve to fish a couple times. ... Buffalo is a nice place to play football. My teammates are great. It seems like a family-oriented place. That's good for me. Sit back, relax and keep my mind on football.

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