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Voters pass $4.9 million project

Clarence Central High School is getting Friday night lights -- as well as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night lights -- after voters approved a capital project Tuesday. The vote was 362-61 for the $4.9 million project.

Much of the funding will go to replace 80,000 square feet of roofing at the middle school and 120,000 square feet of roof at the high school.

"They're 20-plus years old," Superintendent Thomas Coseo said. "We've got leaks we've been patching for some time."

The project also includes $500,000 to install lights on the main athletic field.

"Lights on the main athletic field will allow us to play, in the springtime, lacrosse games, and track meets if they go into the evening," he said.

The field also could be used for soccer or field hockey in the fall, in addition to football. Another $200,000 is allotted for topsoil and the leveling of a field hockey and two soccer fields south of the tennis courts.

"Our intent would be to regrade those, bring in top soil and reseed," Coseo said.

He said a water line also will be added from Gunnville Road to allow the district to irrigate the fields.

The middle school roof is to be replaced next summer, and the work on the high school roof and athletic fields will be done in summer 2010.

The project is to be funded with a combination of state building aid plus special EXCEL aid, state funding for upgrades to buildings housing kindergarten through 12th grade.


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