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Taking the "cost" out of Halloween costumes

Earlier this week I shot a video (embedded below) in which I talked to parents and the cutest kids imaginable about what they wanted to be for Halloween. We also wanted to know where parents planned on getting the costumes and their advice for saving money on them. All the families were very nice and kind by allowing me to put them on camera.

I got predictable answers - make the costumes at home, reuse a dance costume, hand costumes down from older to younger children. But it's a good reminder that instead of shelling out money for a cheaply made costume, you can save money and have fun making it yourself. I remember one year my parents wrapped me up in tin foil and called me a spaceman. I had a blast (off). Ha.

One piece of advice I didn't hear was to shop for costumes immediately after Halloween when everything is on deep discount. Share your Halloween costume memories here.

-Joseph Popiolkowski

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