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Fishing Line

>Lake Erie

Low water levels in most of the smaller feeder creeks have sent fish and fishermen to Cattaraugus Creek for a run of both perch and rainbow/steelhead trout.

Boaters head out to deep flats directly off and mainly east of the Catt and Foxes Point for runs of ringbacks showing at depths usually greater than 60 feet.

Some schools have shown at depths of 45-50 feet off Point Breeze and Evangola State Park, but the more consistent run has been off Cattaraugus Creek.

At all sites, fine lines on light, sensitive rods help to pick up on slight taps and gradual pulls, the so-called "hang bites" that often become the biggest boys in the bucket, which usually are fat females.

For fat and feisty, try working the bass circuit right now. Walleye hits and school presence has dwindled, but the fall bass run can be fun well into major hunting seasons.

Temperatures dropping below 60 degrees have bass less active but still interested in easily-grabbed minnows and -- if available anywhere -- crayfish.

Sturgeon Point has been the better starting point for bass activity. The long, slow drop-offs on either side of Evans-Angola Bar west of the point have been big for smallies.

Few boaters bother to work for bass with the good perch and trout fishing west of Sturgeon, but Eagle Bay can be a bass bonanza at times.

Creek casters have a good line on trout from the breakwater pier at the mouth in Irving through Gowanda and up the riffles below the Springville Dam. Settled waters make things tricky. Good numbers of fish are everywhere, but the best numbers come on skein and egg sacks for bait casters and either bug or small-leech flies in lower clear, or slightly stained green waters, especially up stream.


>Niagara River

The lower river salmon run is on hold or past its peak, according to most boat drifters. Shore casters have done fairly well at first light and just before dark, with the Whirlpool access doing best from shore. A few steelies have started up river and many of the salmon have shown dark coloration, but regulars see some fresh fish and the prospects for a continued king salmon run.

Blame the warmer waters or continued number of bright, sunny days, but the better bite on the river and out on the Niagara Bar has been from smallmouth bass. Live bait works great.


>Lake Ontario

Olcott Harbor has seen the most fish and fishermen, with a fair perch run and good numbers of trout and salmon moving in this past week.

Braddock and Irondequoit Bay perch show in mixed sizes. Anglers have to cull small ones to get to the bigger ringbacks. Live bait and a lively step around edges and holes can up the take of plug-sized perch.


>Photogenic fish

Anglers with good photos of great catches can have their trophy shots displayed on the Fishing Page of The Buffalo News' Web site (

New photos will be added as they are received.

To get your photo published, e-mail it along with a brief description of the catch, including the name and home (city, town or village) of the angler, the location of the catch and how the fish was caught to the e-mail address listed below.


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