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Distractions Have some time? Check these out

HEALTH: Personal rubdown

Does the economy have you all stressed out? Join the club. Don't we all need a break from the madness? Well, don't worry, we're here to help. Or, really, this Web site is: http:// . Go there and find out how to give yourself a little destressing -- a self-massage doable right at your desk. Once you're done with that, don't miss clicking on "Chill Out A to Z." Ahhhhhh. You're welcome!


TV: Live from New York

It's just so good. Whether you're a Republican or Democrat, anyone with even a smidgen of a sense of humor must admit that the latest incarnation of "Saturday Night Live" on NBC, with Tina Fey's Sarah Palin and Amy Poehler's Hillary and all the other political gags is worth taking the time to set your DVR. And now, you can get a prime-time bonus dose of the beloved "Weekend Update" live at 9:30 tonight and next Thursday on NBC. You betcha!


GAME: Playing politics

No one can get enough politics these days, so why not toss some into your leisure time with the new board game, "Loaded Questions: Political Party." An offshoot of the best-selling "Loaded Questions" game (similar to that bizarre TV show, "Moment of Truth") you have to try to guess how your fellow players would answer questions such as, "Who would make a terrible first lady?" or "What is America's greatest contribution to the world?" It's good, clean bipartisan fun. Available at bookstores and


BOOK: Fatherly influence

Don't miss Mark Oliver Everett's "Things the Grandchildren Should Know" (St. Martin's Press), one of the more fascinating memoirs in the pop music world, because it isn't really about the pop world. It's the story of how Everett -- better known as "E," leader of (and mastermind behind) the Eels -- grew up with a disillusioned, distant and deeply brilliant quantum physicist for a father. The book is witty, literate, touching and troubling. To celebrate its release, the PBS series "NOVA" will broadcast "Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives" in which E travels across the country trying to figure out who his father was. See the show at 8 p. m. Tuesday on WNED Channel 17.

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