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Basketball X's and O's

I don't play fantasy basketball, but I do fantasize about being a basketball coach by helping out with my daughter's middle school team. (We start OTA's in three weeks.)

The world's greatest Web site for all wanna-be coaches is X's and O's of Basketball, edited by a Canadian writer and coach who is identified only as Bruchu.

Bruchu's specialty is breaking down video sequences to point out strategies and tactics. In a post today he demonstrates the deadly pick-and-roll employed by Chris Paul and Tyson Chandler of the New Orleans Hornets. They played the Washington Wizards in an exhibition game Wednesday in Germany. In Bruchu's video clip below, listen to how excited the German announcers are watching Paul's plays.

Watch Preseason Hornets Pick and Roll CP3 and Chandler in Sports Online  |  View More Free Videos Online at

The site also has a coaches' forum for discussing basketball tactics
as well as a section for downloading plays, drills and clinic notes.
It's one-stop shopping (for free) for any wannabe John Woodens or Mike
Krzyzewskis out there. (Would the name be "X's und O's" in Germany?)

---Greg Connors


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