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Wake up to the Morning Light

Although Pittsburgh band The Morning Light hasn't been around for very long, they are certainly talented enough that they don't have to prove themselves to anybody.

Their well-received debut EP, "The Sounds," was released in March and now they've come out with a self-titled album.

On their new record, their innocent and catchy piano-driven rock tells a story, seemingly track by track, about getting over what is clearly a messy break-up. It's a sort of concept album, really. It begins with the first track, "Wake Up!" which uses an ironically sunny melody to illustrate that desperate moment of calling the person who left you, begging them to take you back, and then realizing it's all in vain.

From there it kicks off with a surge of songs about the painful and life-changing stages in the end of a relationship and the complicated mix of emotions along the way. While the bulk of the album is full of lyrics about how confused or hurt the singer is with songs like "Done Writing Love Songs" and "Clouds"," ("I've got this pain in my head that I can't shake/When I remind myself I can't get to you"), its music is not of the depressing variety.

Coming toward the last part of the album, beginning with the song "Honest (Apologies Endless)," the album takes a different direction altogether and sets a tone of accepting life and love as they come and moving on. The last song "Movin' Along," goes: "I'm moving along/Moving with love tonight/'Cause I've been out of the sun/Now I'm back to the light."

Singer Bobby Garver, along with piano-vocalist Harrison Wargo, have earnest and inviting voices that complement each other agreeably and translate extremely well live. The use of the guitars (Matt Colussy, Andy MacDonald) and drums (Nick Baxter) and the occasional tambourine shake give the record a carefree and pop-py, yet intelligent feel that is often evocative of Jack's Mannequin and Sherwood.

Whether or not you find yourself listening to this genre of music often, these songs will stalk you wherever you go. You won't be tapping your pen or singing in class all day long, you'll be doing it for weeks.

Key tracks: "Honest (Apologies Endless)," "Brand, New, Friends," "Done Writing Love Songs."

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Caitlin Manley is a senior at Immaculata

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