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Sox keep getting burned

I'm ready to call a Rays-Phillies World Series right now (OK, that's hardly going out on a limb) but the Red Sox are unequivocally 100 percent toast. Yeah, yeah, I know what they did in '04 against the Yankees and '07 against the Tribe -- I was there for every game. But their lineup is a shell of what it once was, key guys are slumping and the starting pitching is a mess.

And here's maybe the worst part: The famed CITGO sign behind the left-field wall at Fenway got a little scorched this morning by a small fire. Talk about things going against you.

The Rays, meanwhile, are opening up all the obstructed views at Tropicana Field for any more potential ALCS games and the World Series. That's about 5,800 more seats but most have limited views because of the catwalks hanging from the ceiling.

As for the Dodgers? They might win Game Five tonight. But sweeping two more in Philly? Nope.

---Mike Harrington

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