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Sports families are happier

Like many Western New York families, a big part of our domestic juggling act involves getting our kids to and from their sports practices and games. We try to keep it at a sane level, which for our family means no travel teams (not that there is anything wrong with travel teams).

A survey published this month by the Women's Sports Foundation and Harris Interactive finds that families seem to be happier when the children participate in sports.

The report says: "Children’s involvement with sports is associated with higher levels of family satisfaction. Youth sports can help build communication and trust between parents and children. Sports help parents and children spend more time together. The positive connections are particularly evident in dual-parent families, but they also resonate in single-parent families."

Our sports schedule has been pretty manageable in the fall, but things will really pick up in the winter, when at least two of our children will be on school basketball teams, while the other is on a YMCA swim team that meets four times a week. Also, I am a volunteer assistant coach for one of the basketball teams.

I will need to print the whole Women's Sports Foundation report and keep it posted on the kitchen bulletin board next to the calendar. That might help me to keep my sanity when every square in the calendar starts filling up in November and December.

(Hat tip to the Washington Post's On Parenting.)


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