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Driving in the dark is a concern on the Kensington

Drivers on the Kensington Expressway in Cheektowaga have found themselves in the dark, literally, as they travel eastbound between Harlem and Pine Ridge roads.

"I drive this stretch every morning and every evening, and with daylight getting shorter and shorter and winter weather around the corner, the need for these lights to be working is becoming pretty obvious to everyone," Jola Simon Siemierz said in an e-mail to The Buffalo News.

"This can be dangerous since winter is around the corner, and black ice can form on the 33, especially in the left lane," she said, referring to the expressway by its highway number.

Fix It has visited this problem before and was told the problem was being taken care of. So we checked in again with the Town of Cheektowaga and found out officials are aware of the problem and working to rectify it.

"We are definitely on it," Lt. Jim Speyer, head of the town's Traffic Division, said Friday. "We had a crew up there this summer."

Unfortunately, even though the town made some corrections at that time, it did not solve the lighting problem, he said.

Speyer said the next move will be to hire an outside contractor to identify the cause of the blackout, which he thinks could be a main break.

"We believe it might be related to construction on Harlem Road," he said. "If it's something we can repair, we will."

Otherwise, he said, they would continue to work with an outside contractor.

While he could not give a timeline for repairs, Speyer said the town hoped it would be soon.

"I really want it fixed by winter," he said.


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