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Letters / Our readers speak out

Captain's choice is an odd one

Nothing against Craig Rivet. He is supposedly a high character guy who has a great amount of experience to go with it. But how can you name a guy team captain when he has never even played a single game for your club?

What does that say about the Sabres' veteran leadership? To me it just doesn't make any sense. It doesn't mean that he won't turn out to be an excellent choice who proves himself to be more than worthy in the future. But now?

No disrespect to Rivet, but it isn't as if Wayne Gretzky just appeared on your roster and you feel compelled to name him captain out of enormous respect.

Joe Pulvirenti

Orchard Park


Bills can use the week off

The Bills had that rare opportunity to make it five wins in a row and remain perfect last Sunday. Arizona was coming off a crushing defeat against the Jets, and we the fans were left scurrying for antennas to make sure they could witness this showdown as our television sets were ambushed by a local cable outlet. While many of us waited in highly congested lines to obtain our 1970 throwback antennas to make the necessary adjustments, it was the Bills that needed a lesson in adjusting this past Sunday.

This isn't the first time the Bills have come out of the gate like a lame horse at the track. They have had a penchant for not having their Gatorade until the second half. This has been the early season theme. This time, the ineptitude wasn't adjusted, as the Cardinals kept coming like Roman legions. I would say that Perry Fewell, the Bills defensive coordinator, really never had a lesson in adjusting rabbit ears to do away with the static and snow that plagued his defense all day long.

It's five games and we have a bye to adjust. We the fans hope that we can store away the antenna sets for hopes that CBS will return to us for future contests. I know I wanted the unblemished record to stick around, at least until the Chargers got to town in two weeks, but right now, we need a healthy Trent Edwards, a game plan that doesn't start in the fourth quarter, a line that can create a seam for Marshawn Lynch, a multi-million dollar receiver to catch more than two balls a game, and a defense that can tackle.

The so-called Beast of the East was reduced to puppy-dog status this past Sunday. The road looks bumpy after this holiday break is over with and as fans we can only continue to believe we have the team to drive through the storms that await us. The other teams are defining themselves and what everyone thought was to be a quick hit and run two wins against the Dolphins has become an afterthought. The Jets have you know who, and the Patriots show no signs of tossing in the white flag.

Until then, take this week to fill up your Halloween candy bowls, pick out that favorite costume for the little ones, and carve a few pumpkins. Hopefully for us the Cardinal game was the Bills way of spooking us early in October, and saving the tricks and treats for the next game at the Ralph.

Gary Cardinale

Orchard Park


Who's to blame? Doesn't matter

LIN TV, Time Warner, who's right who's wrong, who cares. They're both greedy. They should have given the Bills an antenna, maybe they would have had better reception.

James Furcoat



O.J.'s demise leaves fan sad

I was a big fan of O.J. Simpson when he played for the Bills. Even though many may not admit it now, I would argue that the vast majority of Americans were fans of O.J. in the 1970s, whether they were sports fans or not. He was indeed larger than life and it looked like he could do it all.

However, O.J.'s horrific association with the grisly murders of the his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman in 1994 changed his life forever. Despite being acquitted of those tragic murders, his life would never be same and his public life was just about over.

After being found guilty on October 3, 2008 of all charges filed against him, whatever was left of O.J. is probably gone for good. The irony is that the crimes O.J. was most recently charged with dealt with him trying to take back part of his gloried past (his sports memorabilia), perhaps the only bridge left to his famous playing days when he was on top of the world.

Michael Ross

Wichita Falls, Texas

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