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Somerset man, 39, held in slaying Kin says fear of longtime tormentor caused defendant to shoot after fleeing inside home

A single-story, ramshackle country cottage with peeling paint, surrounded by a few boats, bulldozers and even a mock-up of a cannon, also was encircled Friday -- by yellow police tape.

The house at 9677 Hall Road is the home of Jamie W. Wilson, 39, who told Niagara County sheriff's deputies that he killed a man with a shotgun blast at about 1:30 p.m. He was charged with second-degree murder and held without bail in Niagara County Jail.

Wilson's family called it self-defense, claiming that the victim, Theodore Tice, 54, a former Lockport resident who had recently returned from Unicoi, Tenn., entered the house threatening to kill Wilson.

A friend, Michael Ratliff, said Wilson talked to a dispatcher in a 911 call. Chief Deputy James R. Voutour said Wilson, "very calm and collected," admitted he had shot Tice and surrendered when deputies arrived. Tice was found dead near a bedroom door with a single gunshot wound in his torso, Voutour said.

Wilson told deputies that he and Tice argued outside the house, then he locked himself in his bedroom, while Tice pounded on the door.

Saying he feared for his life, Wilson said he fired his shotgun through the door.

Voutour said Wilson and Tice had a running dispute for many years.

Wilson's brother Joe, who lives across the road, said Jamie lived in fear of Tice.

"It was a self-defense situation. The guy was out to kill him," said the brother. "[Jamie] tried to get away, but he had no choice."

Joe Wilson said Tice had told Jamie he was coming to get him and he was scared. "He's a little guy," Joe said of his brother.

Joe Wilson said Tice had threatened his brother in a phone call, allegedly saying, "I've been in and out of federal prison and I'm not afraid to go back."

The brother also said he was unsure what the two men had been arguing about. He added that Tice used to own the house that Jamie Wilson has lived in for the past 10 years.

Niagara Bureau Reporter Thomas J. Prohaska contributed to this report.


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