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Tough puppy love

Our puppy landed on the disabled list this week. He's got an Elizabethan collar on to prevent him from chewing his surgical stitches. (He was neutered on Monday.) This has actually produced some teachable moments this week for our children, lessons in tough love.

Why? Because watching the dog struggle and chafe inside the collar makes each of us want to remove it and give him a break.

(Pictured above is not our dog, but a Weimaraner in an e-collar.)

But if we give in, that would allow him access to his stitches, and were he to damage them, it would cost plenty of time and money to have him restitched. It would also reset the clock back to zero on his recovery time and the wearing of the collar.

In our house I lobby the most for following doctor's orders and just leaving the collar on all week. Others want to "give him a break" for a few hours, but then trying to get the collar back on him is like trying to load a horse back into the barn.

We have to put his food either on the floor or an elevated dish so he can get to it, and we've put his water supply into a big mixing bowl to make it easier for him to drink.

The dog's collared life has preoccupied our family all week. What does this have to do with parenting? Not much. I guess I'm just not a bloggin' insider. You might say I'm a maverick, doggone it!


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