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Fault! Tennis streak was out of bounds

You know those computer systems they use to check line calls in tennis tournaments?

If only they had one of those for high school record-keeping.

Tuesday's story about the Williamsville East girls tennis team going undefeated for the 15th straight season would have gotten a "BEEP" if there was such a device.

That number was based on a 2004 News story, which cited former East coach Dave Enders as saying the Flames had a run of 11 straight undefeated seasons. That was corroborated by a figure provided by Enders in a 2000 story about East's streak.

However, upon further review, we dug up a stack of girls tennis clippings which put the undefeated streak firmly at 12 seasons -- not 15.

That's because a yellowing clip that was pasted to a piece of paper -- old-school scrapbook-style -- had East going 7-3 in 1996, tying Clarence for second place in ECIC II.

Williamsville North, down from ECIC I that season, won the league title that year with a 10-0 mark. We apologize for the error.

East started its current run of a dozen straight undefeated seasons by going 10-0 to win ECIC II from 1997 through 2002. ECIC II added a team in 2003, but East kept rolling with 12-0 records from 2003 to 2006. The league lost a team in 2007, and East went 10-0 the last two years.

That puts East's league match win streak since 1997 at 128. The streak could very likely be longer, but one would have to find out how many wins the Flames had -- if any -- to end the 1996 season.

Anyone got any yearbooks or scrapbooks out there?

---Keith McShea

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