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Girls volleyball team makes plea

Members of West Seneca West's girls volleyball team didn't have to do much convincing Monday when they asked the School Board for a new team room.

Senior Michelle Christie said the boys team room, which was enlarged recently, is 1,750 square feet. The girls room is 120 square feet.

"It's not exactly in the best condition," she said, as a teammate held a poster with photographs of the girls and boys team rooms.

"I know in three years we've spent $8.8 million redoing parts of West Senior, and it looks and feels amazing," she said. "But as a woman athlete, and as a senior participating in three sports every year since I started my career at West Senior, I think this definitely deserves attention."

West Seneca School Board President Carol A. Jarczyk said the board had toured West Seneca West last year and she remembers the girls team room, where members of the school's girls athletic teams gather before games.

"When we walked in that building I went whoa -- the colors of the paint," she said. "It's pretty ugly."

"I know it's not something you can bring the bulldozers down to West Senior today or tomorrow," Michelle said. She said it was important enough for volleyball team members and a field hockey player to come directly from their games to talk to the School Board on Monday.

Superintendent Jean Kovach told the students she was in the team room last week. "As a former female athlete, believe me, we are looking at it. We are absolutely looking at it," she said.

Also Monday night, the School Board learned that the number of high school students taking Advanced Placement courses increased from 441 last year to 589 this year. Enriched and accelerated courses prepare students to take the AP courses, for which they can earn college credit. One student graduated last year with 24 college credits.

"Accelerated and enriched courses engage, challenge and support our students," said Director of Science Mark Beehler. "Additionally, these students meet graduation requirements at an earlier point in their high school journey."


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