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Power Rankings / Mike Harrington ranks all 30 MLB teams

(Final rankings; last week in parentheses)

1 Los Angeles Angels. Can't allow Red Sox to ruin their season. (1)

2 Chicago Cubs. Home field suddenly became Unfriendly Confines. (2)

3 Tampa Bay Rays. 2008 is a success no matter what happens in October. (3)

4 Boston Red Sox. The champs until somebody says otherwise. (4)

5 Philadelphia Phillies. Hoping to party like it's 1993. (5)

6 Milwaukee Brewers. Big CC is small again in postseason. (9)

7 Chicago White Sox. Pulled off nice trifecta to win division. (7)

8 Los Angeles Dodgers. Title by Torre would be ultimate tweak of Yankees. (11)

9 Minnesota Twins. Never expected them to be in hunt. (8)

10 New York Mets. Shea goodbye, chokers. (6).

11 New York Yankees. Cashman on a mission. (11)

12 Houston Astros. Too many streaks, both hot and cold. (13)

13 Toronto Blue Jays. Need to quickly rebuild rotation this winter. (12)

14 St. Louis Cardinals. Ex-Bison Ludwick: 37 HRs, 113 RBIs. (15)

15 Florida Marlins. Fish have bright future, especially if they get new tank. (14)

16 Arizona Diamondbacks. This young team will have its day. (17)

17 Cleveland Indians. Finished 44-28 but still need a closer. (16)

18 Texas Rangers. Need a pitcher or two, or three or four. (18)

19 Oakland Athletics. Duchscherer is OK after having hip surgery. (19)

20 Kansas City Royals. Hope to carry huge September< momentum into '09. (22)

21 Cincinnati Reds. Big rookie years for Votto, Volquez. (20)

22 Colorado Rockies. Turns out 2007 was one of the game's great flukes. (21)

23 Detroit Tigers. Props for playing hard in final-day makeup. (24)

24 Atlanta Braves. Once great dynasty just broken down and tired. (23)

25 San Francisco Giants. Lincecum would get this Cy Young vote. (25)

26 Baltimore Orioles. What became of the Oriole Way? (26)

27 Pittsburgh Pirates. Desperate for a winning season. (27)

28 San Diego Padres. Black gets one more shot as team's skipper. (28).

29 Seattle Mariners. For $118 million, you too can lose 101 games. (30)

30 Washington Nationals. Back up the truck. They need everything. (29)

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