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Cashman coming back to write story

In Sunday's Inside Baseball column, you can read about Brian Cashman's decision to re-sign with the Yankees even though he could have gone plenty of other places with a lot fewer hassles. Cashman, however, doesn't want the rugged New York media to get the last word about how he botched things this year, notably by not getting Johan Santana, so he's coming back.

So what do you do for 2009 if you're Cashman? Sign CC Sabathia? A.J. Burnett? Derek Lowe? What about position players? Sign Bobby Abreu? Go elsewhere. Here's what the New York Daily News thinks could be done.

So what's your feeling on Cashman and the Yankees? We all know they need starting pitching. What position player do you go for? What starters? And should Cashman have even bothered to come back to all this dysfunction?

---Mike Harrington

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