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A 2-0 quartet

PapRed Sox-Rays in the most important renewal ever of what's become a bitter rivalry.

Phillies-Dodgers in a series that will turn back to the clock to meetings in 1977 and 1978.

That's where it looks like we're headed in the League Championship Series because all four division series stand at 2-0. Woe to fans of the Angels, White Sox, Cubs and Brewers (and thus double woe to folks in Chicago).

This is just the third time in the wild card era we have four 2-0 division series. And only seven teams have won a five-gamer when down, 0-2, since divisional play began in 1969.

If you missed Friday night's Red Sox-Angels game that stretched to 1:20 a.m., it was a doozy as the Red Sox pulled out a 7-5 win. Boston took a 4-0 lead in the first (Jason Bay's three-run homer was the big blow) but the Angels clawed back and finally tied the game in the eighth at 5-5. But in the ninth, Francisco Rodriguez gave up a stunning two-run homer to deep right-center to J.D. Drew and Jonathan Papelbon (above) finished off the Halos.

That's an MLB-record 11 straight postseason wins by Boston over the Angels dating to 1986. The Sox have also won nine straight postseason contests overall since trailing the Indians, 3-1, in last year's ALCS. That's just three shy of the Yankees' record of 12 set in 1998-99.

It would appear the Angels and Cubs -- the teams with the best record in each league -- are toast because they're going on the road for the next two games. Only the 2001 Yankees over Oakland (via the Jeter flip) won a series when dropping the first two at home. That leaves the Brewers and White Sox to try to get back into things at home.

So is it all over in these four series? Or do you still think one of the 0-2 teams has a chance?

---Mike Harrington

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