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Tell me / A little Q&A

If you're in a struggling band that has been dreaming of a record deal for years on end, the story of Minneapolis pop-punksters Sing it Loud will either make you very hopeful or awfully angry. Scooped up by the mother of all punk labels, Epitaph, with just seven live shows under its belt, this sunny, energetic quartet hasn't had time to consider the practicality of a day job.

After hearing the simple, exuberant choruses that dominate every tune on "Come Around," Sing it Loud's debut record, it's easy to see why Epitaph president/Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz signed them on the spot. When the band swings through Club Infinity (8166 Main St., Williamsville) at 6 p.m. Tuesday, as the supporting act for Cobra Starship, there's a good chance it'll steal the show. Because while its songs may be a bit formulaic, Sing it Loud attacks the stage with the same attitude as its band name -- if you're in the audience, expect to be won over by adrenaline alone. We spoke with lead singer/guitarist Pat Brown about the Twin Cities, preshow training regimens and the glories of stress.

>Your shows have garnered the reputation as serious workouts. Is that true?

We definitely take pride in our live show -- we all run a mile or two every single morning to keep up our endurance. We have a really good time, and I think the crowd does, too.

>Just how quickly did the band get signed?

We played our first show in July 2007, recorded our first EP, and then had the chance to open for Motion City Soundtrack at a show in Minneapolis. Josh, their guitar player, came up to us and was like, "I'd really like to help you guys out." So we sent him our EP, and he sent it to Brett, and he was really into it. Motion City Soundtrack's management and Epitaph flew out and saw our band play a hometown show, and they decided to sign us.

>What has your schedule been like since then?

To meet all the deadlines to be able to do what we wanted this year, we had to write our entire album in December, record our entire album in January and start touring in February. We were under so much pressure, and I think that is what helped it come out the way we wanted it to.

>So pressure is a good thing?

We definitely work well under pressure. If I'm not under pressure, I lollygag a little bit. It's been like "Go! Go! Go!" -- 1,000 miles per hour.

>You've mentioned Def Leppard as an inspiration.

Our major influences are the All-American Rejects, Motion City Soundtrack and the Starting Line. But if you look at bands like Kiss, Def Leppard or Led Zeppelin, these are bands that didn't just die out after three or four years. We don't want to be a band that sticks around for an album or two.

>If Minneapolis and St. Paul are twins, which is the evil one?

It's tough to say. Up until about two years ago, I was all about Minneapolis. It's cooler-looking; it's a more happening place. But recently, I've spent a lot of time in St. Paul, and it's much cleaner.

-- Joe Sweeney, Special to The News

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