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Disaster Preparedness

I love zombie movies and other types of apocalyptic films, mostly because I love watching the
scenes where people frantically stockpile resources in the face of the unknown.

Most people fondly remember the movie "Red Dawn" for the scene where C. Thomas Howell screams "Wolverines!"

The part I remember best is when they are rummaging through their parent's store gathering toilet paper, sleeping bags and lanterns for their time spent in hiding.

To me, nothing is more comforting than a cupboard full of beans, a bundle of candles and a big box of blue-tip matches.

And while most people probably don't view preparedness with as much zeal as I do, it's always a good idea to get ready before the snow flies, for that inevitable winter storm.

Go to Ready.Gov for a checklist of must-have emergency items, tips on how to make a family >emergency plan, and information on how to respond to some of the worst-case scenarios that could descend upon your life.

--- Samantha Maziarz Christmann

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