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Culture and student exchange

   Lake Shore Central School District students and teachers are immersed in all things Chinese this week, because 26 students from a middle school in Jilin Province, China, are visiting.

   The best time for them to visit is in the winter, when they have a month off from school. But the idea is for them to leave with a good impression of Buffalo, not a cold, wintry one. So they came this week, observing National Day Tuesday, which marks the founding of the People's Republic of China Oct. 1, 1949.

   But the visit wasn't about national holidays or politics, it was about youths from China getting a taste of American culture: playing hoops at a backyard basket, spending a little time in a hot tub and seeing a football game under Friday night lights.

   And it was about American teenagers finding out there's not that much difference between themselves and Chinese teenagers, and finally being thankful for school - that they don't have
to attend 12-hours a day like their new friends.

   --- Barbara O'Brien

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