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An education

Seldom has a piece of legislation had such a self-defeating name. When President Bush signed it into law in 2002, the No Child Left Behind initiative promised to whip the U.S. secondary education system into shape and help every student reach his or her full learning potential. But soon, teachers, administrators and parents around the country started to raise objections about the bill's indiscriminate standards and requirements they claimed made it even more difficult to educate the nation's most disadvantaged children.

One side of the ongoing argument about the federal program is the focus of Nilaja Sun's one-woman show "No Child," which opens Thursday at the Main Street Cabaret (672 Main St.) in a production by the Alleyway Theatre subsidiary Theatre Plus. The show takes place at the fictional Malcolm X High School, a place described as "more like a penitentiary than a place of learning." It stars Victoria Perez, who will play 16 separate characters, including students, teachers, a security guard and others.

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-- Colin Dabkowski

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