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Spill Canvas keeps crowd dancing at Club Infinity

Last Wednesday, Spill Canvas graced the stage at Club Infinity with half acoustic and half melodic rock tunes that filled the venue with tons of eager teens, waiting to hear their favorite band perform.
The first band to hit the stage was Minnesota's Sing It Loud, which is no foreigner to Buffalo. In playing songs like "No One Can Touch Us," "Bite Your Lip" and "Best Beating Heart" off its new self-titled EP, Sing It Loud won over the crowd with its catchy beats and happy notes.

Taking the stage next was a complete surprise. For Buffalo and Buffalo only, Person L, Kenny Valsoi's side project apart from the Starting Line, played a full set of new songs off his debut album that's due to release in August. The songs were definitely different from what the Starting Line fans are used to, due to him experimenting with different genres and varieties of music, but the essence is still there and the music is still very good. The crowd seemed to be either very pleased with Person L or still happy about Sing It Loud's set.
Ludo, the crowd-pleasers that they are, appeared on stage with their humor and sarcasm. The highlight of their set was when they played "Good Will Hunting by Myself," a song centered around a hilarious hook-up/ break-up which involves lead singer Andrew Volpe's spiel on the situation. The song had the whole room laughing and dancing at once. In ending with "Love Me Dead," Ludo played one of the best sets of the night.
Around 9:30 p.m., Spill Canvas finally took the stage. The band played for more than an hour and played an encore of two songs when the crowd asked for more. It seemed that if they would've played all night, the whole room would've willingly agreed to stay. Seeing as how the crowd knew all the words to every single song and danced to every single beat, it was easy for Spill Canvas to feel welcome in Buffalo.
With the band playing a set that ranged from slow, melodic acoustic songs to heavy punk-sounding tunes to catchy upbeat rock-sounding notes woven in between, there was no way that anybody could stay sitting down. In playing some older songs but mainly focusing on the latest album "No Really, I'm Fine," Spill Canvas played songs like "All Over You" and "Hush Hush" and put one an amazing show.

Marli Lee McGarrah is a junior at Buffalo Seminary.

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