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World's rudest bill collector?

  If this wasn't the world's most offensive letter from a collection agency,
I'd like to see the one that was worse.

   Justin Thompson got a letter last October from Nationwide Collections Inc.
The envelope was addressed to "S--t Face" and the letter was addressed "Dear S--t."

   Not the nicest way to try to get some money from someone, is it?

   The company also threatened to sue Thompson over the $16.39 debt he
owed to Columbia House for some CDs he'd bought.

   Thompson hired a lawyer, and plans to sue Nationwide Collections.

   Nationwide insists they've done nothing wrong and said the swear word
got through because much of their collection process is automated. The
company wants to apologize to Thompson and is forgiving his debt.

   I doubt curse words are standard practice for collection agencies, but
I'd wager they use a range of stern and cajoling phrases to persuade people
to pay up.

   Have you ever gotten a threatening or abusive letter from a collection
agency? What are their representatives like on the phone?

   And what do employees of collections companies think about all this?

     -- Stephen T. Watson




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