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I never saw a local high school basketball player who got more out of his ability than Brian Dux. Dux worked tirelessly to make himself a solid Division I player. By the time he was a sophomore at Canisius, a lot of people realized he could have competed at a higher level in college hoops. He worked to get better after college and became the best player in the English pro leagues, an icon overseas.

I remember how happy and content Dux seemed last summer when I had lunch with him to talk about his career in England for a column. He had that long hair, which made him seem like the Steve Nash of England. Brian talked about maybe trying for the English Olympic team in 2010. If he kept playing over there, he would qualify as a citizen and be eligible for the national team. I have no doubt he would have made it, too.

Like so many people in the Buffalo hoop community, I was devastated to learn about the auto accident that has left him in critical shape. I'm praying for him and hoping for a miracle. He's always been a battler who defied the odds. Maybe he'll do it again.

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