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Young at heart

It's a shame Neil Young isn't coming into Buffalo tonight to kick off a week's worth of concerts at Shea's Performing Arts Center. Lord knows he'd sell every darn one of 'em out. And we hardcore music fans in Buffalo can be an incredibly welcoming lot. We'd certainly have made Neil and his entourage feel at home.

Oh well. Maybe next time around.

If you are one of the 3,019 Neil lovers lucky enough to have snagged a (not particularly inexpensive at $62 to $132 each) ticket for tonight's show, which kicks off with an opening set from Young's wife Pegi beginning at 7 p.m., consider yourself blessed for two reasons.

First, the concert sold out in 90 seconds, so if you're holding a ducat, you're luckier than all get-out. Second, early reports from the road indicate Neil is in rare form on this tour. He has got a strong new album in "Chrome Dreams II," and the format of this concert -- first, an hourlong solo acoustic set peppered by indelible radio classics and deeper album cuts, then a full-band electric set with plenty of room for those glorious Neil-ian guitar improvisations -- means that most hardcore fans will find more than enough to satiate their appetites.

Hey Neil, why not stay for a bit longer next time? Folks around here would love the chance to say hi.

-- Jeff Miers

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