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Volcano erupts, causes ripple of earthquakes

MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) -- The Concepcion volcano in Nicaragua sent huge columns of ash into the sky in eruptions that prompted a ripple of small earthquakes, local seismologists said Sunday.

The volcano, one of two on an island in Central America's largest lake, erupted Saturday night, and related earthquakes continued to rattle the area on Sunday. No one was injured by the blast, Nicaragua's Institute of Territorial Studies said in a statement.

Ash rained down on local communities on Sunday as strong winds carried it toward the capital, the institute said.



Police face reprimand for stripper parties

VIENNA, Austria (AP) -- Several high-ranking Vienna police officials face disciplinary action for holding an after-hours party at a restaurant that featured a striptease dancer dressed as a young girl in pigtails, authorities said Sunday.

Karl Mahrer, commander of the force in the Austrian capital, said he ordered a disciplinary review after the officials, whose names were not released, celebrated with the stripper on at least three separate occasions while off duty.

It was unclear how many officers were involved.

Vienna's police department has been stung by a series of scandals in recent years, including allegations of embezzlement, misuse of funds and brutality.

Last month, a senior officer was convicted of abuse of power for ordering a raid on a casino to remove dark-skinned guests.
Another high-ranking commander was convicted of criminal charges for alerting a brothel to an impending police raid to search for young immigrant women forced into prostitution.



Re-enactors rebury soldiers from 1812

MINSK, Belarus (AP) --The remains of more than 200 Napoleonic soldiers who died in a major battle with the Russian army were reburied Sunday with the help of historical re-enactors.

Tens of thousands of French troops and civilians perished when the Russians attacked Napoleon's army as it was crossing the Berezina River in November 1812 on the punishing retreat from Moscow.

The remains of 223 of the French soldiers were buried in a mass grave near the village of Studenka at Berezina's bank, about 70 miles east of the Belarusian capital, Minsk.

The remains were found by history enthusiasts and government-sponsored teams digging in the area, which was also the site of a major battle World War II battle.



Officer, protester die in constitution riots

SUCRE, Bolivia (AP) -- Protesters angry with Bolivian government efforts to rewrite the constitution attacked police offices and set fire to a jail on Sunday, allowing more than 100 inmates to escape, as violent protests claimed the lives of a police officer and a protester.

Police commander Gen. Miguel Vasquez said police were withdrawing from the southern city of Sucre to the nearby city of Potosi "to avoid more confrontations."

The protester died of injuries after being hit by a tear gas canister, a doctor at Santa Barbara hospital said. It was unclear how the officer died.

At least three people have been killed since Friday in violent street protests in Sucre, where the political opposition has been boycotting an assembly writing Bolivia's constitution.

Protests worsened after allies of President Evo Morales reconvened the constitutional assembly on Sucre's outskirts on Saturday.

The conflict is being flamed by calls for greater autonomy from the federal government in provinces hostile to Morales and his push to redesign the government to grant greater voice to the country's generally poor indigenous majority.

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