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6-year-old credited with saving ahis mother

There's a 6-year-old Hamburg boy who is going to get something extra special from Santa this year.

Little Connor Pelkey is credited with possibly saving his diabetic mother's life.

The first-grader at Big Tree Elementary School came to the aid of his ailing mother early Saturday morning by calling 911 when she lost consciousness, according to Hamburg police.

At about 1:30 a.m. Connor was climbing into bed with his mom, Wendi Pelkey, 33, when he realized something was wrong.

"Mommy was mumbling," Connor recounted to The Buffalo News. She also wouldn't wake up.

Pelkey, who has diabetes, had been sick with pneumonia for several weeks and was taking antibiotics.
The dosage may have been too low, triggering a combination of low blood sugar and dangerously high blood pressure. It left her in a semi-conscious state.

Connor knew his mother had health problems and that she needed help. He first called his father, Keith Pelkey Jr., who doesn't live with them.

"Daddy, I need you to come over," Connor told his father. "Mommy isn't feeling well. She's moaning and making noises."

Pelkey told his son he was on his way over and that he would be there in about five minutes. But first, he needed Connor to do something very important.

"Do you remember how to call 911?" he asked.

Connor sure did.

Keith Pelkey, a volunteer firefighter, and his ex-wife, had both taught their son how to dial 911 in case of an emergency.

He also got a lesson on 911 about a month ago when the Big Tree Volunteer Fire Department did a fire prevention presentation at Connor's school.

Connor dialed for help and was connected to Town of Hamburg Public Safety Dispatcher Jeff Sweetland. As another dispatcher arranged for an ambulance to go to the Pelkeys' home on Bryant Street, Sweetland stayed on the phone with Connor.

As luck would have it, the chief of the Big Tree Fire Department, Ron Klimowicz, lives across the street from the Pelkeys' house.

Klimowicz was alerted to the emergency and ran over. He knocked, but Connor wouldn't unlock the door.

Klimowicz turned on the flashing lights to his car and the dispatcher told Connor it was safe to open the door. Connor did as he was told.

As the fire chief and later the ambulance crew tended to Wendi Pelkey, Connor continued to show what a good boy he is. Keith Pelkey said he showed up at the house to find Connor taking care of his little sister, Stella, 2, who had woken up during the commotion.

After the ambulance took Wendi Pelkey away, Pelkey gave his son a big hug.

"Dude, you did awesome!" he congratulated him.

Wendi Pelkey was treated in Mercy Hospital, where doctors told her she likely blacked out. She was discharged later Saturday morning.

"He was right on the ball," Wendi Pelkey said. "He jumped right into it. . . . It's an awesome feeling to know my son knows what to do in an emergency."

She said her family would do something special to reward her son.

Connor had a suggestion for his family and for Santa considering how good and smart he had been.

"Give me a gift," he chirped.


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