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You Guys Kill Me

OK, so if I say it's hard to imagine J.P. Losman having a good game Sunday, that makes it a personal vendetta? It's not personal. I actually wanted J.P. to succeed. I like the guy, though he should run some of his quotes through a filter sometimes before opening his mouth (I can relate). He's among the 1 percent of athletes who actually deign to live in the city that bears the name of the team. I live in Buffalo, too. But if I think he's not the guy for the future, I'm going to say it -- and yes, pound the point over and over. When the coach is so wishy-washy on the subject, I think it's important to be persistent and objective. The quarterback position is too important to take lightly. Until they solve it, they won't be a title contender.

People suggested it was personal with Rob Johnson, and with Drew Bledsoe. Where are those two now? I thought they weren't the answer and I was right. Believe me, it's not personal with athletes. I don't hear anyone accusing me of being too personal in my professed admiration for the young guys on this team -- smart, engaging men like Whitner, George Wilson, etc. This is the best group of guys I've seen in years. They live up to Marv Levy's assertion that character and intelligence matter.

J.P. made a remark to me after the opener, "You're the expert, buddy." Do you honestly think that bothered me? I liked it. In retrospect, I think he was actually agreeing with me, when I asked if he  had wanted to throw the ball downfield more. It might have been a show of respect for all I know. But to suggest I've been carrying that around and holding it against him is simply weak. Carry on, people, and sorry to be so "negative" about a team that hasn't won a playoff game since Jim Kelly played. I'll be more "positive" when they finally get the QB thing right.

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