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Uneasy about cellphone coupons

It's a technological twist on the old question: Is there such a thing as a free lunch?

   Local Subway shops are sending out coupons via text messages. Sign up, and a message
delivered to your cell phone entitles you to a freebie.

   Your sign-up also entitles Subway to send you further come-ons, unless you opt out of the

   The sandwich stores promise not to share your cell number, or to inundate you with
promotional messages.

   Still, it's an uneasy feeling to open up your cell phone to what are essentially ads.

   I signed up a week ago as part of the reporting for the story in Link. Since then I haven't
been buzzed once with come-ons, other than the initial offer. And that first message did come
with instructions on how to opt-out by sending a brief reply.

   So far, so good. But I have an uneasy feeling that my phone number will be in the database
for a long time.

    -- Fred O. Williams

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