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POP QUIZ: Have the high gas prices changed your driving habits?

Sean Waller, 39, of Buffalo, retired police officer: In the month of July I returned back to the Western New York area from Jackson, Miss., and I tell you, it's amazing to me how expensive things are here compared to the way they are in the South, particularly gas -- it is astronomically high. ... You would think, the way gas prices are, they would come up with some type of legislation so gas prices would be the same across the country. I drive a large SUV because I have a pretty good-size family -- I have four kids and a wife, so we need a larger vehicle. I have actually thought about downsizing to a smaller vehicle instead of me just driving the SUV all the time, or even start using public transportation.

Carrie Rittenhouse, 39, Buffalo, information technology analyst: It seems like it's gone up 25 cents in the last three days -- it was skyrocketing overnight. We're all talking about carpooling more, whether taking the train or the bus is going to be more cost-effective. With the gas prices going up, you've gone from $30 a tank to $55-$60 a tank of gas, so I'm having to look at city transportation vs. driving my own car. It's getting to where it's not affordable. My parents live in Ohio, so I drive back and forth to Ohio about every other weekend, and it's getting to where it was actually cheaper for me to get a plane flight than to drive round-trip to Ohio.

Frank Luzzi, 80, of Wheatfield, retired: I used to go for a long drive on a Sunday; I cut that out. I go places where I have to go, very seldom do I drive just to be out. ... I could see this coming long ago because the people who've got the oil know what to do with it. When the prices go up, they hold it back. There's plenty of oil in the world.

Shawna McDaniel, 37, of Cheektowaga, affirmative action administrator: I think I was paying $2.85 and now it's up to $3.03, and that's considerable when you're driving an SUV. My job doesn't allow me to make any changes; you've got to drive [so] you've got to drive. Before the gas prices went up [she did recreational driving]. [Now] I'm kind of to work and back home.
Mikhail Yuzbashev, 26, of Clarence, coffee shop owner: I usually don't look at the prices at the gas pump, but now everybody's talking about it, so you can basically see what's going on. Hopefully it won't go up any more. But if it does go up, maybe I'll consider -- the next time I buy a car, buying something smaller that uses less gas. I go out sometimes [for a drive] but I'm too busy working right now. But in summertime, yeah. I don't think I would [cut back] to tell you the truth; I'm that kind of person.

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