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Fair or foul? After further review ......

General managers meeting in Orlando have voted to bring instant replay into baseball for 2008 to help judge home runs. It's probably an overdue move, especially for playoff games. Umpires in left field and right field aren't used to being out there, aren't getting the job done and I'd hate to see a game decided by a blown home run call. Bud Selig has to approve and he's been against it. He shouldn't be.

With all the new parks around, it's tough sometimes to see if a ball went out or bounced off the top of the wall (think Manny Ramirez in Game Four of the ALCS at Cleveland). Get the call right -- but how are we going to avoid making games even longer? Ugh.

One thing I'd like to see: Teams may need to make their foul poles even higher. The Pesky Pole in right field at Fenway Park, for instance, isn't high enough. It's so close that players routinely put balls over it (Grady Sizemore in Game Six) and you can't really tell fair or foul.

I'm OK with replays -- on home runs only and not on base calls or outfield traps. Are you a replay booster in baseball or a no-way traditionalist?

---Mike Harrington

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