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The "Good" J.P.

That was a remarkable performance by J.P. Losman against the Bengals on Sunday. I know it was against a very bad defense. But considering the circumstances -- his job and future on the line -- Losman played with amazing poise and accuracy. During the week, he had said he felt unusually comfortable, maybe like a guy with nothing to lose. The team seemed to feed off him.

But it's not as if we didn't know he was capable of such things. I remember in recent years writing about the "good" J.P. and the "bad" J.P. You could expect him to make amazing athletic plays and curious, head-scratching decisions that made you wonder if he'd ever make it in the league. The question is still the same: Can he do it consistently, on the road and against good teams in crucial games?

There's not much chance Dick Jauron will take him out now in the short term. Jauron has positioned himself well for this situation, making it about short-term performance. We're at the point where the Bills need to find out once and for all if the "good" J.P. is going to prevail. I still have major doubts, but if he continues to play the way he did against Cincinnati, he'll give the Bills a better chance to win. The stakes have changed. They're a playoff contender. Now, assuming Jauron stays with him, we'll get to find out if Losman is a franchise QB or a golden-armed guy who only does it a few times a year.

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